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Budd Hipp, PE

President + Founder

Allan Acker, PE

Corporate Director of Projects

Chase Jenkins, PE

Project Lead

Brian Belvin, PE, PMP

Project Lead

Andy Neill, PE

Mechanical Lead

Joel Eidson, PE

Piping Lead

Terry Prince

Human Resources Lead

Jordan Nelson

Marketing Lead

Drew Garnier

Corporate Director of Operations

Michael Carter, PE, PMP

Corporate Director of Design; I&C Lead

Suzanne Garner, PE

Project Lead

Will Pietkiewicz, PE

Project Lead

Dusty Robinson, PE

Electrical Lead

Mark Reyer, AIA

Senior Project Architect

Brittany Larsen

Client Solutions Executive

Cathryn Parsons

Talent Acquisition Lead

Aaron Sink, PMP

Corporate Director of BD

Bradley P. Millice

Corporate Director of Quality

Alex Stone, PE

Project Lead

Gray Hipp, RA

Project Lead

Bill Clark, PE

Process Lead

Michele Minehart

Financial Controller

Jarred Miller

Client Solutions Executive

Sam Newby

IT Systems Administrator

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