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HIPP employees discussing projects
Exterior view of HIPP's office building
"At HIPP, we continuously raise the bar by applying innovative processes, checks and balances, and the latest technology to each and every project. Our professionals are provided with the leadership, time, equipment, and training necessary to ensure that this is possible."
Budd Hipp, President

- Budd Hipp, President


HIPP Design + Consulting is a firm of passionate and exceptional people driven to help our clients excel in a global marketplace. We meet clients where they are on their path, and partner with them to create lasting value.

HIPP operates on a relationship-based platform. We know that successful projects equal satisfied clients, and that results in repeat work and referrals. These core elements are the foundations of HIPP Design + Consulting.

​Our service categories include strategic infrastructure growth planning, process engineering, utility design, facility design, project management, sustainability engineering, and onsite technical services. Through our onsite technical services business unit, Workforce Solutions, we provide technical resources to maximize clients’ workforce flexibility in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, semiconductor,  industrial food + beverage, data center, and advanced manufacturing industries.


​We are differentiated by the quality of our people and our relentless drive to deliver highly successful outcomes through our corporate commitments. At HIPP, we embrace a partnering concept by which clients can trust that their expectations and goals will be fully integrated into project execution. Your success translates into our success.

Mission and Vision Statements

HIPP’s mission is to faithfully serve our clients, community, and employees through design excellence, responsive service, and trustworthy relationships.

HIPP’s vision is to enrich lives and enhance the future through leadership in design project delivery, serving the world’s premier life science, healthcare, and technology companies.



One of HIPP's objectives is to show honor, dignity, and respect to all people. This includes being a positive influence in communities which is reflected by our charitable giving and days off in order to volunteer locally.


HIPP's team members are encouraged to make family time a priority and given the flexibility to balance family matters with business needs. We view employees as an extended family promoting, safety, creativity, compassion, responsibility and celebrate team member successes. 


At HIPP, we treat your investment as if it was our own investment. This results in us delivering the best value in the industry. We strive to be the best through superior technical capability, responsive service and Lean principles to maximize each client’s investment.

construction workers on site looking over the progress of a project


We believe the safety of our clients and subcontractors is just as important as our own. Through our progressive safety programs and techniques, we continuously raise the bar by applying innovative processes, checks, and balances, and the latest technology to each and every project. We provide our professionals with the leadership, time, equipment, and training necessary to build a zero-injury culture. This includes providing subcontractors with access to complimentary, computer-based training courses from United Academy and National Safety Council through our Learning Management System (LMS) Tool.

Engineers discussing project and looking over plans


Endless Opportunity for Innovation

Advances in technology, such as big data analytics, augmented reality, edge computing, artificial intelligence, nanomaterials, and gene therapy are creating incredible opportunities for manufacturers and the ECPM organizations that support them. With each new technology developed, opportunities to increase efficiency, solve challenges, improve lives and reduce cost emerge for participants of the value chain.

Investing in Innovation

Innovations evolve from a true understanding of client challenges. As technologies evolve we continuously develop, evaluate and share new solutions from academia to industry that may improve client’s performance, profitability, and competitiveness.

Using our extensive industry knowledge we invest in innovative ideas that either solve clients’ challenges or improve our organization's value in the marketing place. Solutions include utility heat mapping, 6D BIM, VR, and service innovations which help us work safer, faster, and leaner.

Trusted Industry Partner

HIPP has been a champion for innovation in the industry, supporting clients across the full innovation continuum, from early-stage R&D to commercialization. Our insightful process and facility analyses contribute to a solid understanding of the manufacturing requirements of a solution and allow our clients to make informed decisions on their commercialization strategies and investments.

HIPP’s unique expertise in process engineering, plant design, workforce optimization, and construction administration in conjunction with our experience across market verticals helps us identify needs, evaluate ideas, pilot solutions, and quickly implement new technologies.

Partnering with Industry and Academia

As a catalyst for growth and innovation, we partner with startups, academia, entrepreneurs, venture capital, and research organizations to help move innovations from lab to commercial production while achieving scalable market success.  We do this through long-standing relationships with colleges, industry bodies like Biotechnology Innovation Organization, NIIMBL (The US National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals), IChemE (Institute of Chemical Engineers), and others.

Design with Us

If you have a technology or innovative idea and you would like to work with HIPP, tell us about it.

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