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Innovation + Technology

Endless Opportunity for Innovation

Advances in technology, such as big data analytics, augmented reality, edge computing, artificial intelligence, nanomaterials, and gene therapy are creating incredible opportunities for manufacturers and the ECPM organizations who support them. With each new technology developed, opportunities to increase efficiency, solve challenges, improve lives and reduce cost emerge for participants of the value chain.

innovation and technology used to help projects excel

Investing in Innovation

Innovations evolve from a true understanding of client challenges. As technologies evolve we continuously develop, evaluate and share new solutions from academia to industry which may improve client’s performance, profitability, and competitiveness.

Using our extensive industry knowledge we invest in innovative ideas that either solve clients’ challenges or improve our organization's value in the marketing place. Solutions include utility heat mapping, 6D BIM, VR, and service innovations which help us work safer, faster, and leaner.

Trusted Industry Partner

HIPP has been a champion for innovation in the industry, supporting clients across the full innovation continuum, from early-stage R&D to commercialization. Our insightful process and facility analyses contribute to a solid understanding of the manufacturing requirements of a solution and allow our clients to make informed decisions on their commercialization strategies and investments.

HIPP’s unique expertise in process engineering, plant design, workforce optimization, and construction administration in conjunction with our experience across market verticals helps us identify needs, evaluate ideas, pilot solutions, and quickly implement new technologies.

Partnering with Industry and Academia

As a catalyst for growth and innovation, we work with startups, academia,  Fortune 500 companies, venture capital, and research organizations to help move innovations from lab to commercial production.


 Through long-standing relationships with research universities and employee participation in key industry bodies like ISPE, NIIMBL, IEEE, ASHRAE, and IChemE we are uniquely capable of applying cutting-edge innovation and a wealth of experience to ensure clients achieve scalable market success.

Here are some of the market verticals we support:

  • Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals (Small Molecule), Biopharmaceuticals (Large Molecule), Advanced Therapeutics (Cell + Gene Therapies), BioAgriculture·       

  • Healthcare - Hospitals, MOBs, Medical Devices

  • Advanced Technology - Semiconductors, Photovoltaics, Composite Materials, Nanomaterials

  • Industrial - Chemicals, Coatings, Polymers

  • Food and Beverage - Ready to Cook / Ready to Eat

  • Consumer Products - “GMP Light” Industries

Today, technology drives business - so we help clients achieve financial success by leveraging innovation, proven tools, and emerging technology to meet critical manufacturing and project delivery challenges. Read more about our technology for innovative facilities. 

If you have an innovative idea or manufacturing challenge and you would like to work with HIPP, tell us about it.

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