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At HIPP, we recognize that clients have diverse requirements and changing priorities - but the need for partners that can deliver at scale, with speed and certainty remains constant.  

No matter what business - our industry experts help clients shape the future with winning strategies and solutions that create clearly defined, measurable value.

Our philosophy is simple, deliver the best-in-class work, striving for each project to be completed on time, within budget, with no surprises and ZERO safety incidents.

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From small molecule, Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) plants to gene therapy and large molecule biologics; we have become the partner of choice for some of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

With over 25 years of cGMP experience, we help clients efficiently navigate the complex design, regulatory, and safety requirements unique to FDA-licensed facilities - no matter the project complexity or scale we deliver compliant future-proof facilities.

semiconductor manufacturing


Semiconductor foundries and high-tech manufacturing plants need to be responsive to changing market demands and disruptive technology. 

​Our team of advanced manufacturing facility design specialists work to design semiconductor fabrication plants, manufacturing facility upgrades, cleanrooms, utilities and waste infrastructure which maximizes reliability and production capacity. 

From traditional silicon wafers to SiC and GaN-based processes - foundries around the world depend on HIPP for innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

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In addition to an aesthetically pleasing design, our

process-driven approach incorporates lean principles to improve provider efficiency and patient outcomes.


Starting with staff, patient and material movement we work collaboratively with our clients from the inside-out to develop care-centric design to meet ever-changing healthcare needs.

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Industrial Manufacturing Plant


Our clients value reliable, predictable solutions to meet the needs of their projects. With multidisciplinary teams and integrated project delivery experience, we have the ability to truly partner with clients on projects that stretch across the capital life cycle.


By incorporating the process of thorough front-end planning to address and mitigate risk, and committing resources dedicated to maximizing project success - we solve our client's most complex challenges to deliver successful outcomes.

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HIPP's F+B team members understand the impact of project costs on the cost-of-goods. Our industry experts work closely with each client to provide options to keep project costs low while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Utilizing our lean project approach, creative solutions, and industry knowledge, we consistently deliver strategic projects on time and under budget.

Food and beverage fermentation reactors
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With growing advances in technology and the emphasis on research, laboratories and support spaces must be designed for flexibility and adaptability.

We provide innovative planning and design services for a variety of laboratory facilities including university, research and development, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and industrial research.

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When it comes to producing anything from cosmetic creams to toothpaste and baby wipes, the pressures to meet tight budgets, GMP compliance, and reduce operating costs require the right engineering partner.


By aligning our lean project approach with your goals, our consumer products team brings reliable and

budget-conscious solutions with the responsive service of a true partner.  

toothpaste manufacturing
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