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An agile and efficient manufacturing infrastructure not only helps you adapt to change quickly but also powers innovation and enables new business models.

We can help you design and implement a manufacturing infrastructure for rock-solid production, cost-efficient operation, and future-proof flexibility. 

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We combine deep industry expertise, advanced analysis and human-centered approaches to help our clients optimize their business strategies and drive growth.

From multinational firms to manufacturing startups - we give executive leadership teams the insights necessary for

cost-efficient growth and strategic change.  



Businesses perform only as well as the manufacturing processes they rely on - so we help clients with process design, applied chemical engineering, and process safety solutions to unlock vision and unleash performance.  

Our highly motivated process personnel have a track record of delivering successful process engineering and plant design projects in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty chemicals, semiconductor, and food product industries.

central utilities piping


The clients we serve need cost-efficient, reliable and flexible utility infrastructures. Clients include world leaders in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and foods along with mission-critical sectors.

As a leader in utility infrastructure design, we deliver solutions for reliable utility infrastructure with cost-efficient operation and future-proof flexibility.  



We are experts in design for advanced manufacturing facilities in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, industrial, and mission-critical sectors – specializing in high-visibility projects and earning national ACEC awards for our work.

We work with our clients to design highly flexible facilities to support rapid scale-up and ever-changing product pipelines.


These advanced facilities support our clients' development, pilot and commercial production capabilities - meeting strategic production goals while protecting against significant capital investment to reconfigure.

Exterior view of Hospira Building
Industrial Manufacturing Plant


The clients we serve need highly responsive yet cost-efficient engineering support to maximize existing plant efficiency and return on investment.


Our multi-discipline teams bring an in-depth understanding of the complex issues associated with legacy facilities and continuity of operations for these industries. 

From utility upgrades to process reactor changeouts, we help clients plan, coordinate and execute small to midsize capital and maintenance projects most cost-efficiently.



Our EH+S experts provide cost-effective solutions to address issues from immediate safety concerns, to regulatory compliance and comprehensive risk assessments supporting hazardous processes.

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We perform program, project and service management spanning the capital project lifecycle to drive high quality and predictable outcomes at scale for our clients.


Starting with your business objectives, we use a systematic approach that relies on strong communication and collaboration to align project goals, optimize the use of resources, save time, reduce cost and make decisions in your best interest. 

Project Management


We understand that operational utility costs have a direct impact on marketplace competitiveness - so our 

sustainability specialist implements energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs for both planned and legacy systems.  

By incorporating  sustainability as a project objective, we can help our clients achieve environmental, social and operational cost benefits.

solar panels and wind turbines
Architecture Rendering


Providing exceptional architectural solutions specifically tailored to small-scale healthcare design projects, HIPP has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare facilities. We are committed to creating innovative, functional, and patient-centric spaces.


Our firm combines architectural expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for transforming healthcare environments to provide our clients with designs that optimize patient care, enhance staff efficiency, and promote healing and well-being.

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