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At HIPP, we combine deep industry expertise, advanced analysis, and human-centered approaches to help our clients optimize their business strategies and drive growth.

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Services + Expertise:

  • Site Selection

  • Expansion Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Site Master Planning

  • Utility Master Planning

  • Capacity Analysis

  • Technology Evaluations

  • Economic Evaluations

  • Project & Program Planning

  • Regulatory Reviews

    • DEA​

    • cGMP

    • PIC/S

    • FDA Pre-Approval 

  • Facility Due Diligence​


For manufacturing organizations site selection is pivotal to future success - and the choice of where to build your facility requires resources and insights that only an expert team can provide.


From reshoring production to startup ventures we work to maximize the return and minimize the risks associated with your chosen location. 


As a critical component necessary for cost-efficient growth and strategic change, we help clients develop a framework for site expansion that optimizes the use of space and utility infrastructure.    

We take into account significant factors such as efficient personnel and material movement for production throughput,  sustainability, utility infrastructure, security, campus culture, and smart future growth.


As an ACEC award-winning utility engineering firm, we help clients plan the cost-efficient expansion of utility infrastructure while maximizing the energy efficiency and reliability of existing utilities. 


We maximize client investments in utility infrastructure through analysis, growth planning, and design for state-of-the-art utility generation and distribution systems.


With experience across a wide range of industries, we help clients create and execute strategies to expand production where time to market is often critical. 


Whether it's process scale-up, technology transfer, plant debottlenecking, or greenfield construction we give manufacturing clients the agility to succeed in an ever-changing world. 


HIPP is a market leader in providing advice to companies regarding strategic decisions which require multi-objective optimization. (i.e. minimize cost, maximize output). 


From multinational firms to early phase development companies we give executive leadership teams a competitive advantage with decision support analysis and strategic insights.


Our front-end engineering and design (FEED) services help clients make better decisions while prioritizing the use of capital for better results. 


During front-end project planning we establish project requirements, risk, determine site impact and perform multidisciplinary feasibility studies. Our approach to front-end project planning presents clients with options for design, technology, automation, and project delivery along with the economic impact for each option. 


Project cost estimates are performed by national construction management partners with a regional footprint so cost models accurately reflect regional economic nuances and future price fluctuations. The information is provided in an easy-to-understand format for making a quantitative decision prior to entering the design phase.


Advances in technology have created new markets with the potential to dramatically change the competitive landscape - and traditional valuation approaches can’t keep up. 


In response, we provide business valuation support to help clients make the right investments to capitalize on new opportunities. 


From acquisition to venture capital investment we perform manufacturing site Due Diligence evaluations to give clients a true picture of value. 


By addressing key manufacturing items such as capacity constraints, the cost to scale, operational risks, and regulatory issues we help clients make decisions which align to their business and return objectives.

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