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Safety First! We believe in safeguarding our clients, employees, and subcontractors along with the public and environment.

HIPP ensures safety for all employees and clients

Safety Accountability

To ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to, we monitor safety performance across the organization by the following performance indicators:

HIPP's Safety statsitcs since 2001 to present

Safety Training

• Safety by Design

• Commitment to Safety

• In-house GMP Training

• In-house Safety Training

• Site Safety Training

• OSHA 30

Comprehensive Safety for All

We believe health and safety is fundamental to our success. Leadership is important to building a safety-centric culture and why we have bold leadership from our executive team right through to our onsite employees.

Our approach to pre-plan safety into every task proactively improves behaviors and actions both on-site and in our offices.

Our goal is zero injuries, and we provide our professionals with the leadership, time, equipment, and training necessary to build a zero-injury culture. 

HIPP mandates that project team members attend all project safety training required by our clients. Such training will be updated as required by the contractor and/or the Client.

We believe the safety of our clients and subcontractors is just as important as our own. This responsibility means we work to ensure that the plants and facilities we design are safe to build and operate. 

 By integrating safety-by-design principles into our design process, safety considerations are addressed during the design which results in a safer project at all stages of the facility's life cycle. 

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