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Reaching New Heights with Novo Nordisk: HIPP Attends the Durham OFP Facility “Topping Off” Ceremony

On November 7, 2023, our President (Budd Hipp) and Project Leader (Alex Stone, P.E.) had the privilege of attending the steel "topping-off" ceremony at the Novo Nordisk OFP facility in Durham, NC. This ceremony was a memorable milestone in the lifecycle of a project that began back in 2022. This particular construction tradition allows everyone involved to celebrate the progress of the project and the potential that is still to come. This week was no different as we saw a structural beam placed and the framework readied for the next phase of the project. 

Budd Hipp and Alex Stone at Novo Nordisk's OFP Facility

Novo Nordisk OFP Facility Expansion

Project Highlight:

Here at HIPP, we are committed to collaboration and serving our clients' vision throughout the entirety of a project. This expansion highlighted our team’s ability to effectively coordinate and persevere. This particular job was a multi-disciplinary effort that involved architectural, structural, process and mechanical engineering components. In addition, we have leveraged our expertise in instrumentation and controls to take this project to the next level. From the conceptual design to the on site visits, our team is devoted to keeping projects on time and cost-effective.

Facility Highlight: 

Novo Nordisk’s Oral Finished Products (OFP) facility has been packaging in Durham since 2021. This facility provides packaging capacity and is ramping up to provide tableting for the first and only oral GLP-1 treatment for type II diabetes. This is a powerful development that will increase Novo Nordisk’s ability to meet the needs of those with diabetes. 

Topping off Ceremony at Novo Nordisk OFP

Importance of our Relationship with Novo:

We value the work we get to join our clients in, but even more so, we value the partnerships we build together. In this case, we have supported Novo Nordisk since 2002, executing over 120 projects in North Carolina alone. We are also one of the largest local cGMP focused engineering firms in North Carolina. These qualities have made us a good choice for pharmaceutical companies across the state and fostered a powerful partnership with Novo Nordisk. We consider it an honor for any company to entrust us with their resources and vision for the future. We believe our engineering expertise and design deliverables are positioned to serve the growing vision at Novo Nordisk for years to come! 


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