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HIPP Attends ISPE-CaSA Technology Show in Raleigh, North Carolina

[Raleigh, NC, February 2024]

This past Wednesday, February 28, 2024, HIPP attended the 31st Annual ISPE Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter (CaSA) Technology Show at the Raleigh Convention Center. This is the Southeast’s largest annual gathering of life science and biotechnology professionals. The event continues to grow year after year, and organizers anticipate the final count from the 2024 show to be the biggest in history.

A look at HIPP's booth at the ISPE-CaSA Tech Show in the Raleigh Convention Center

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is a nonprofit association serving its members by leading scientific, technical, and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. The association started in 1980 and has since grown to have more than 21,000 members in more than 120 countries. ISPE is dedicated to providing solutions to complex pharmaceutical industry challenges and fosters transformation through strategic events and initiatives.

The Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter (CaSA) of ISPE is among the largest within the association and spans across seven states. It started in 1991, and serves more than 1,200 members within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences industries. CaSA exists to provide access to educational resources, networking and professional development programs.

The main floor at the ISPE-CaSA tech show

Both HIPP Design + Consulting and HIPP Workforce Solutions were represented at the event. Many team members spent the day at the convention center and benefited greatly from the connections and insights that the conference offered. ISPE-CaSA never fails to be a dynamic day full of introductions and cutting-edge industry knowledge. Gathering the leading professionals in the industry sets up a powerful opportunity for networking, collaboration, and future-focused solutions. HIPP has been involved with the association for many years and it has greatly benefited the business.

HIPP Design + Consulting specializes in quality cGMP facility planning, design, process engineering, and project delivery for the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. HIPP has the experience of a large global firm and the agility of a local service provider. These qualities are a major differentiator for the company and sets them apart from the competition. HIPP prioritizes serving clients and building relationships that last.

HIPP Workforce Solutions provides technical onsite resources and staff optimization for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The team sources the best engineering, design, and support staff talent for leading pharmaceutical companies. HIPP Workforce Solutions streamlines company objectives and increases overall efficiency for the clients they serve.

The 31st Annual ISPE-CaSA Tech Show in Raleigh, NC

ISPE-CaSA provides a significant venue for growth and development in the region. The future for pharmaceutical innovation and manufacturing is very bright in the Carolinas and HIPP will undoubtedly be a part of it. Every year, ISPE-CaSA serves as a reminder for all that is possible in the industry and the progress that is being made here in the Southeast.


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