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Building for the Future: Celebrating a Record Hiring Month at HIPP

We have had an amazing start to the year here at HIPP Design + Consulting, and no signs indicate us slowing down! This January, we set a record for new hires and are projected to break that record again here in February. It has been a joy to welcome so many new #HIPPsters to our team and continue doing great work together.

Our HR team has been working diligently and is establishing new frameworks to ensure that our team thrives in the roles they’ve been placed in. As our business grows, we want our employees to grow with us, and we are excited to implement new employee development programs in the months ahead. Our goal isn’t to break records for the sake of records, but we are interested in hiring the best people to help us reach our goals together. These past few months have been moving fast, and we look forward to the impact these new hires will have on the projects we will deliver in the near future. 

Our architects attending the NC State College of Design career expo
Our architects set up a booth at the NC State College of Design Career Expo

In the midst of this growth, we have continued in the spirit of hiring and recruiting by attending multiple career fairs over the past few weeks. Our team was present at North Carolina State University and Clemson University for their engineering and design-specific career fairs. We met dynamic candidates, and it was great to be with the next generation of engineering and design talent. As our industry continues to progress, we want to be on the cutting edge of effectiveness, and bringing in young talent allows us to solve more complex problems for our clients. It was great to share our vision at these universities, and we are eager to see how recent graduates continue to impact our culture here at HIPP.

Members of our team and NC State alumni attend the NC State Engineering Career Fair
Our team including some NC State alumni attend the NC State engineering career fair

There is no doubt that the future of the industry is in good hands, and as a company, we are committed to developing young engineers and architects. We are so thankful to have a great relationship with NC State and are eager to work more closely with Clemson University and other colleges across the region.

One way this vision is taking shape is through our involvement in the Cooperative Education Program at NC State. This is an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience by alternating semesters of full-time work and study. We are happy to have our first co-op participant this semester and are eager to welcome even more co-op students next semester. 

For us, this has been an exciting time and an opportunity to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. We are still young, having just celebrated our 23rd birthday as a company, we believe the best is yet to come! One thing that is certain is that no matter how much we grow, we will remain committed to our core values and the people that make us extraordinary.


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