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Creating Tailored Architectural Solutions: An Insight into HIPP's Design Process

An interview with HIPP’s Lead Architect, Gray Hipp, RA

Architecture requires a meticulous and creative approach to transform ideas into tangible spaces. In a recent interview, we sat down with HIPP’s Lead Architect, Gray Hipp to discuss his unique design process, methodologies, and his goals in the healthcare space. Gray, the eldest son of HIPP’s Founder and CEO, Budd Hipp, joined the HIPP Team in 2021.

Gray, what is your design process?

At HIPP, we follow a well-defined design process that ensures effective collaboration with our clients. The process begins by thoroughly understanding the needs and aspirations of the client through detailed discussions and asking pertinent questions. This helps us establish baselines and gather valuable insights to inform our design decisions.

Of course, we heavily rely on research to gather data and trends relevant to the project at hand. This lets us stay updated on the latest advancements and incorporate them into our design solutions.

What about the tools and technology used?

We utilize software tools such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and 3D rendering tools to bring our designs to life. These enable us to create accurate and visually compelling representations of our designs, aiding in effective communication and decision-making with our clients. Ultimately, it’s their project, and we want to bring their visions to life while using our expertise to help anticipate their needs for the space and provide insight where it may be helpful.

What sets HIPP apart from other architecture firms?

One big thing that sets us apart is that we aren’t exclusively an architectural firm. We offer architecture and engineering services to our clients, making for a collaborative and integrated process throughout the entire project. Of course, clients can expect standard meetings, including design kick-off and coordination meetings, to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page. The involvement of engineering teammates from the outset establishes a fully integrated team, enabling seamless collaboration and a holistic approach to design.

We also pride ourselves on being conveniently accessible to clients. We have eliminated the need for intermediaries, ensuring direct communication between the client and the design team. This streamlined approach allows for efficient decision-making and synchronizes everyone with project timelines.

With that and our agile approach, we quickly adapt to changing circumstances and evolving project requirements. By maintaining flexibility and agility, we can respond to challenges effectively.

So, Gray, when did this love of architecture begin for you? Early! As a kid, model-making, Lego, and the fascination with creating something tangible made architecture a natural career choice, which I pursued at NC State University. I was drawn to the intricate details, the scale of projects, and the ability to understand the world through the design lens.

I appreciate the creative problem-solving aspect inherent in this work. Each project presents a unique challenge, requiring tailored solutions to meet clients' specific needs. The joy lies in developing innovative ideas and designs that address these requirements effectively. Seeing a project come to life, especially in the healthcare space where much of our architecture work is done right now, is gratifying. The things we are considering in our designs, patient care, healthcare professionals' needs, and regulations make a difference in the quality of care. With that in mind, these projects come to life in a more accurate way than ever before.

Speaking of the healthcare space, tell us more about HIPP’s goals for architecture here.

As an organization, HIPP has ambitious goals in the healthcare sector for the next several years. We are currently focusing on establishing our architecture services as an integrated team specializing in small project execution within existing healthcare facilities. Our firm-wide experience has seen more than 21 years working with life-science, pharma, and FDA-regulated clients. This experience has given us the expertise to navigate these complex projects seamlessly.

We know that building strong relationships with healthcare providers is a crucial objective for our architecture team and HIPP as an organization at large. We want to be the trusted architect that clients turn to, regardless of project size or perceived significance. By providing tailored solutions and addressing the needs of stakeholders, we can be a reliable partner in realizing clients' projects and dreams.

HIPP Architects' design process combines a meticulous approach, collaborative nature, and cutting-edge tools to deliver tailored architectural solutions.


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