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VGXI, Inc.

Headquarters and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility


Conroe, TX, USA


120,000 SF


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Engineering Design

VGXI, a highly regarded CDMO supporting the gene therapy and DNA vaccine industries, called upon HIPP, BE&K, and Hanbury to design and build its new 120,000 square feet greenfield plasmid manufacturing facility. Located in Conroe, TX, VGXI's new headquarters has two levels, providing much needed space for laboratories, purification, filling, packaging, warehousing, and process support. It also provides measurable office and conference space with associated amenities to accommodate VGXI’s recent and future growth. 
Multiple manufacturing trains and production suites were incorporated into this initial phase of construction with flexibility provided to support a wide range of biopharma projects from early clinical trials through commercial supply production. The facility is designed with a processing area including a 1500L-scale suite, three flex suites that support 40L-500L processes, and a specialty small-scale 10L processing suite. All production suites are supported by central media prep and buffer prep areas and include microbial fermentation, cell harvest and lysis, and segregated plasmid nucleic acid purification. Supporting utility generation and distribution systems that support manufacturing include clean steam, plant steam, chilled water, process chilled glycol-water, CIP, WFI, purified water, process waste, vacuum, nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air, standby power, and UPS. 2000-gallon purified water storage tank and a 2000-gallon WFI storage tank buffer periods of high demand.

Partners: BE&K, Hanbury 

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