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Arc Flash Labeling + Updates

What codes relate to arc flash labeling requirements? 

  • The NEC® and NFPA 70E require labeling of equipment to warn of potential arc flash hazards. Each panel must be marked with an ANSI approved Arc Flash Hazard Warning Label to warn and instruct workers of the arc flash hazard, voltage, arc flash boundary and required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for safety. Subject to the requirements of the facility and arc flash analysis, labels are attached for each analyzed point of concern. Information on the labels is based on the results of the arc flash analysis / study.

What scenarios trigger the need for an arc flash assessment? 


  • Your equipment is greater than 50 volts.

  • Your state adopted a new edition of NFPA 70.

  • You haven’t had an assessment in five years.

  • You made significant upgrades or modifications within five years.

  • You can’t de-energize equipment remotely.

Arc Flash Overview


Of including short-circuit + protective coordination studies.


What codes and regulatory requirements exist for arc flash? 

Phases of Completion

What is the process for performing an arc flash analysis? 

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