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HIPP specializes in the design of advanced technology facilities and cleanrooms for semiconductor fabrication, novel materials, batteries, photovoltaics, novel and nanomaterials.

Semiconductor Manufacturing 

With next generation AI computing platforms and sensors untethered from the limits of Moore’s Law - semiconductor foundry design which reduces operational cost, provides flexibility to meet changing market demands is more critical than ever. 

Our team of advanced technology facility specialists knows that as devices become more integrated, cleanrooms must become even cleaner. We help clients successfully navigate these cost drivers by designing clean manufacturing facilities for safety, cost efficiency and high volume throughput unique to the semiconductor market.  By leveraging a multi-discipline integrated design approach we collaboratively work to design facilities, cleanrooms, utilities, and waste infrastructure which maximizes reliability and production capacity while reducing construction and operational cost. 

By designing flexibility into our facility solutions, clients can quickly pivot to new tools and manufacturing strategies as market needs evolve. These agile facilities minimize both operational and future CapEx cost for future growth.

  • Semiconductor + Photovoltaic Fabrication Facilities
    Today’s Semiconductor fabrication facilities must provide flexible plant layouts to support constant changes in tooling and increasing densities while remaining reliable and cost effective to operate. From semiconductor facility planning, to optimization, design, tool install and construction, HIPP delivers high performance manufacturing plants for efficient and scalable production. Our design approach brings the ultimate balance of performance and efficiency in production plants for next-gen semiconductor and photovoltaics.
  • Power Storage + IC Manufacturing Plants
    Our full-service project delivery team brings a variety of experience from semiconductor fabrication and novel material production industries to provide design solutions which increase efficiency, and optimize the use of capital. From facility planning, to optimization, design, tool install and construction, HIPP delivers next-generation FABs for efficient and scalable production. We design facilities and systems to maximize reliability, reduce downtime and minimize operational costs. Our innovative design approach emphasizes solutions that empower the owner with the flexibility to evolve with changing market conditions and technologies without impacting availability.
  • Novel and Nanomaterial Production Plants
    With high tool costs and rapidly changing technology, process driven facility design which minimizes operational cost is crucial to advanced manufacturing in the US. Our full-service project delivery team understands the importance of environmental control, hazardous material handling, clean manufacturing environments, and spatial needs for assembly and warehousing. From facility planning, to optimization, design, tool install and construction, we focus on your business objectives to deliver next-generation production facilities for efficient and scalable manufacturing.
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