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With rising labor costs, economic fluctuations, and social changes, organizations now face a variety of unpredictable workforce challenges. HIPP Workforce Solutions, Inc. (HIPP-WFS) is a company created by HIPP Design + Consulting leadership, a full-service project delivery  firm, to help our clients stay competitive and reach their strategic business objectives by providing talented and proven  technical personnel.  We understand the deliverables, expectations, and terminology for each position. Additionally, rigorous vetting by our onsite technical services team ensures  only the highest-performing candidates are selected to serve clients. This customer-centric approach provides real value to our clients by streamlining the talent selection process.


Unlike staffing firms that provide low-quality resources, and global engineering firms who increase operational costs with large site teams, our lean onsite resource solutions provide a competitive advantage no matter the economic environment.

Adaptive Workforce Solutions

As CAPEX and strategic initiatives change, HIPP works with each client to optimize outsourced labor levels down to the most efficient FTE count needed to successfully meet business demands.

CAPEX Driven Manpower Needs graph

We can provide the following
technical professionals:

  • Owners Construction / Project Managers

  • Project Engineers

  • Piping | Fire Protection | Plumbing | HVAC Engineers 

  • Integration | Automation Engineers

  • Process Engineers

  • Facility | Utility Engineers

  • Electrical | Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Engineers

  • Equipment | Packaging  Engineers

  • Reliability + Maintenance Engineers

  • Quality Engineers

  • CAD Specialists

  • Project Architects

  • Schedulers / Planners

  • Maintenance / Facility / Controls Technicians 

  • Accountants, Controllers, Financial Analysts

HIPP Workforce Solutions understands the value of our clients‘ time. Our goal is to ensure that only applicable, high-quality candidates are presented when a client requests our assistance.

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