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Our multi-discipline teams bring an in-depth understanding of the complex issues associated with utility generation and distribution for these industries. 

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Industry-Leading Utility Infrastructure Solutions

The clients we serve need cost-efficient, reliable, and flexible utility infrastructures. Clients include world leaders in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and foods along with mission-critical sectors.

From 500MW campus power to N+3 40 ton chilled water plants, we can help you design a reliable utility infrastructure for cost-efficient operation and future proof flexibility.

Utilities Infrastructure Excellence

We are experts in utility infrastructure design for high-visibility projects - even earning national ACEC awards for our work.  


As a leader in utility infrastructure design, we deliver solutions which are energy efficient, cost prudent, and reliable.

Effient Utilities =
Competitive Advantage  

We understand that operational utility costs have a direct impact on production cost, affecting competitiveness in the global marketplace.  


From initial energy audits to design - our utility engineers specialize in the identification and implementation of energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs for both planned and legacy systems.  

Utility Infrastructure Planning

As a critical component for cost-efficient growth and strategic change, we help clients develop a site expansion plan which optimizes the use of existing utilities while “road mapping” the most efficient expansion of utility capacities. 


Our unique approach begins with a review of the site master plan, sustainability initiatives, planned growth, current utility system capacity, condition, age, design, single points of failure, O&M cost, and energy consumption.  


Requirements for future capacity, sustainability, redundancy, and maintainability are reconciled to deliver clients with a long-term cost-efficient utility expansion plan.

Utility Infrastructure Design

We maximize client investments in utility infrastructure through planning and design for state-of-the-art utility generation and distribution systems.


Our utility specialists bring plant operations experience - so we deliver solutions that meet system requirements, minimize outage durations, are simple to maintain, and provide service continuity to your customers. 


Using a lean project approach and innovative design solutions we deliver large-scale, fast track, plant, and process utility projects enhancing the value of clients' assets and increasing their long-term business success.

Legacy Utility Infrastructure Solutions

From energy reduction to equipment upgrades for reliability  - our utility specialists help clients get more from the legacy process and plant utility infrastructures. 


We are continuity of operations (COOP) specialists and excel at delivering complex utility projects without interrupting existing operations. 


Our utility services range across the project life cycle. From site-wide infrastructure documentation updates to utility capacity expansions -  we deliver cost-effective and performance-enhancing solutions for our clients.

HIPP Plant Insights®

Plant Insights® is a business intelligence (BI) platform for delivering actionable plant utility information that helps executives and project delivery teams make faster and more informed business decisions.

Plant Insights® uses data visualization to identify utility capacity constraints and compare the utility impact of planned projects at various locations.

Utility Optimization Solutions

Maximizing the value of legacy utility infrastructure is critical in today’s price-competitive global marketplace  - so we work to maximize the return on our client's existing utility investment. 


We begin with a field survey of the existing system(s) to determine the capacity, condition, design, energy usage, safety concerns, and single points of failure. 


The utility systems are then modeled and multi-objective goal-seeking simulations are performed to identify the best design alternatives (maximize performance for the lowest cost)  


Our approach significantly improves the quality of systems engineering and produces less costly, more efficient, and more reliable utility systems for long-term client value.


Piped Utility Optimization


Piped Utility System simulations and optimization is performed with PIPE-FLO® and CAESAR II® or AutoPIPE®


HVAC, Dust Collection + Exhaust Utility Optimization


Ducted Air System Utility simulations and optimization is performed with AFT Arrow® and eDesign Suite® or TRACE® 3D Plus Load Design. 


Cleanroom CFD airflow analysis is performed with Code-Saturne® or SimFlow CFD®.


Electrical Utility Optimization


Electrical System simulations and optimization is performed with SKM®  or EasyPower®. 


Building + Utility Energy Cost Optimization


For energy analysis and energy costs comparison of design alternatives, we leverage Intelligent SuperPro,  PipeFlo, Carrier HAP, and EnergyPlus.

Specialist Capabilities:

  • Utility Master Planning

  • Plant Utility Design

  • Process Utility Design

  • Hygienic Utility Design

  • High Pressure + Temperature Systems

  • Campus Utility Distribution

  • Central Utilities Plants

    • 4106v Power​

    • Emergency Power

    • Compressed Air

    • Chilled Water

    • Steam/ Condensate

    • Hot Water

    • Fire Protection

    • Waste Water

    • Speciality Gases (Foundry, Laboratory, Medical)

  • Utility Controls Systems

  • Sustainable Utility Design

    • Heat Recovery Systems​

    • Water Recovery Systems

    • Co-generation

  • Cleanroom HVAC

  • Refrigeration Systems

  • Dust Collection

  • Industrial Exhaust Systems

  • Utility Master Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Expansion Planning

  • Capacity Analysis

  • Utility Modeling + Simulations

  • Modular Utility Design

  • Superskid Design

  • Utility Reliablity Analysis

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Energy Audits, Modeling + Life Cycle Analysis

  • Alternate Option Studies

  • Redundant Utlity Designs

    • N+1 & 2 (N+1)​

    • 2N & 3N/2

  • Utility Debottlenecking

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