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HIPP specializes in advanced technology facilities design for semiconductor fabrication, data centers, research and development. 



With high tool costs and rapidly changing technology, process driven facility design is crucial to the performance of wafer fabs in the semiconductor industry.  

Our team of semiconductor design specialists help clients successfully design clean manufacturing facilities for safety and high volume throughput unique to the semiconductor market.  By leveraging a multi-discipline integrated design approach we collaboratively work to design facilities, utilities and waste infrastructure which maximizes reliability and production capacity. 

By designing flexibility into our facility solutions, clients can quickly pivot to new tools and manufacturing strategies as market needs evolve. These agile facilities minimize both operational and future CAPEx cost for future growth.

data center


Today’s mission-critical power and datacenter facilities must provide the flexibility to support constant consolidation and increasing densities while remaining reliable and cost effective to operate.


Ensuring client success, HIPP specializes in the innovative planning and design of 24x7xForever Mission Critical Facilities. We provide utility infrastructure evaluations, planning, design, and optimization services for a variety of facility types that must be designed to be as redundant, reliable, diverse, and scalable. We engineer facilities and systems to maximize reliability, reduce downtime and minimize operational costs. Our engineering approach emphasizes solutions that empower the owner with the flexibility to evolve with changing market conditions and technologies without impacting availability.


HIPP specializes in providing collaborative spaces and process engineering solutions to support research + development, testing, pilot production, and technology transfer. Our team of full-service engineers bring a variety of experience from the biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

We provide project planning, engineering, and design for vivariums, laboratories, and pilot plants for life science and industrial clients. With a focus on flexibility and collaborative research, we provide laboratory design solutions which, increase efficiency, and optimize the use of capital.

In addition, HIPP uses a Safety by Design approach to ensure safety measures are a part of each laboratory design. Safety by Design also guarantees special provisions for safe handling of solvents, biologics, toxic substances, and/or pilot‐scale equipment for process development studies. Our experts have experience delivering a wide range of laboratory solutions including Chemistry Labs, Micro Labs, Kilo Labs, QC Labs, and R&D Laboratories,


We are here to accelerate your idea-to-market lifecycle with advanced development spaces that foster innovation. We provide cost-effective engineering solutions to meet current requirements and anticipate future needs. Let our experienced team ensure success on your next project.

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