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HIPP launched the “Total Quality Services” (TQS®) program in 2005. Its premise is simple – standardizing “how” we approach our business ensures consistency in project outcomes, regardless of scope and size.

HIPP's Engineers and Architects ensuring TQS is followed for each project


Consistency in how a design unfolds ensures improved quality of deliverables. It leads to buy-in from team members, and it affords clients a benchmark expectation of level of design effort.  As a result, our % rework performance metric has remained under 1% since 2005.

When a client realizes that they’ll always receive high-quality design and responsive customer service – successful project outcomes can be expected and our approval rating increases. Ensuring customer satisfaction through our “TQS” approach has been critical in earning repeat business – a main component of our business strategy.

Total Quality Services (TQS) Program

As a framework for developing our TQS program, we focused on incorporating Total Quality Management’s continuous improvement philosophy with Lean principles and ECPM best practices to support customers across an array of industries. Our comprehensive quality management system establishes a flowchart structure of standard procedures, checklists and software tools to ensure that project designs meet client requirements. Under TQS, a series of systems outline how a project is to be completed from the point HIPP receives a Request for Proposal through design, construction, and closeout.

Intelligent and cost-effective solutions require more than checklists or processes; they require highly competent employees. To address the human element - the TQS incorporates employee development on key bodies of knowledge (e.g. cGxP, ICH Q9, PMBOK®, and CMBOK®), tools (e.g. Revit, BIM, Plant 3D, ChemCAD ) regulatory (e.g. CFR 21, PIC/S, PSM) and code requirements (e.g. IEC, ANSI, OSHA, NFPA). Additionally, our internal quality team conducts regular project audits to confirm adherence to the TQS. 

HIPP's Total Quality Services (TQS) Program

To ensure project performance, design is phased with pre-agreed deliverables and completion dates to generate proactive EVM reporting and safeguard quality by constant comparison with project targets.     

With HIPP, you can expect to receive cost-effective solutions, responsive service, the highest quality construction documents and a team whose mission is ensure your success from concept to completion.

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