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A creative procurement organization with the right technical support can balance risk and value creation opportunities - driving innovation and growth.


We help clients orchestrate the optimal combination of human talent + equipment lifecycle costs, driven by data and insights, to deliver optimal business outcomes.

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Using data-driven insights from capital projects, regulatory requirements and market conditions  we help clients develop procurement strategies which increase efficiency and drive more value. 


Clients depend on our expertise to optimize procurement with coordinated delivery and installation schedules of equipment for their projects. 


Our procurement solutions provide clients with global resources, processes, industry customization, regulatory experience, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment.


We help leaders across Finance, Supply Chain, Capital Projects, Facilities and Sourcing streamline equipment procurement to create a competitive advantage.

Use end-to-end visibility of data insights to develop procurement strategies which support long-term strategic vision, continually innovating across people, process and technology to stay ahead of change.

Starting with each client’s strategic objectives we build a holistic picture of the capital equipment procurement landscape to support sourcing decisions which — multiply value while lowering risk.

  • Strategic Objectives:

    • Capacity Increase

    • Cost Per Unit Reduction

    • New Product Production

    • ROI, ROA, IRR

  • Project Specific Goals:​

    • Capital and Operational Cost Goals

    • Availability / Downtime Goals

    • Project Delivery Schedule

    • Daily Production Value  

  • Sustainability Goals:

  • Future Growth Plans

  • Capital Equipment Documentation needed to:

    • Fast-Track Validation

    • Reduce Installation Time

    • Accelerate Commissioning

    • Meet Safety Requirements

    • Comply with Regulatory Requirements

    • Meet Information Assurance Requirements

  • Procurement Talent Needs:

  • Regulatory Requirements (e.g. PSM, FDA, USDA)

  • Supplier ecosystem and country of origin

  • Current Projects Cross-Enterprise for Volume Based Purchasing


Our sourcing solutions improve performance for capital equipment, trade contracts and specialist consultants on complex projects by aligning strategic objectives to procurement decisions and downstream impact.

  • Capital Cost vs. Operational Cost

  • Modular Systems vs Stick Built

  • Life Cycle Cost vs. Maintenance Downtime

  • Lease Duration vs. Capital Cost & Life Expectancy

  • Equipment Lead-times vs Daily Manufacturing Value

  • Equipment Bid Package Requirements

    • As-building Turnover

    • Documentation for CQV

    • Documentation for PSM

    • Information Assurance Level

    • Units, Language, and Installation Documentation

Using insight gained procurement decisions are optimized for: cost efficiency, schedule, staffing and technical factors -driving down spend and elimination of waste. 



We work with clients to minimize risk, capture savings and increase efficiency by integrating early procurement planning in our project delivery approach.


Through early buyer integration with multi-disciplinary teams, value and economy are improved through the study of alternate design concepts, materials, equipment, vendors, and methods without compromising the functional and value objectives of the client.


While developing the procurement strategy supplier documentation and support requirements are established early as part of the selection criteria to streamline CQV and installation activities - giving clients more control. 

Thread procurement into project delivery activities – we help clients make better decisions to achieve business objectives, operational goals, technical requirements and schedule milestones at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance).


We help our clients obtain the best supplier value - executing faster with fewer resources.


Our Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) solutions provide procurement organizations the technical expertise to maximize their effectiveness. 

COTR’s adhere to a strict code of conduct and operate as technical communications liaisons between the clients and suppliers. Additionally, these highly knowledgeable resources help clients meet key project objectives by:

  • Developing clear and concise bid packages for competitive bids

    • Performing Technical Bid Evaluations

    • Providing evaluation of alternatives and decision support

  • Enforcing project specification compliance to mitigate project delivery risks 

  • Eliminating the need for full-time technical staff

  • Scheduling fabrication and equipment delivery

  • Coordinate staging and installation scheduling 


Our COTR’s are experienced professionals who add value to projects by helping buyers obtain the best price and value from the market while ensuring specification compliance. 


Integrate sustainability into procurement activities—ensuring a responsible supply chain by designing for lower unit manufacturing cost while supporting net-zero operations.


Drive resource efficient business models and achieve carbon neutral products, production & supply chains. 

Specialist Capabilities

  • Sourcing Strategy

  • Procurement Optimization

  • Technical Bid Packages

  • Capital Equipment 

  • ROI Analysis

  • Our Procurement services include:

    • Procurement Consulting

    • Supplier identification 

    • Supplier pre-qualification

    • Market intelligence and benchmarking

    • Bid management

    • Bid technical analysis

    • Expediting and inspection

    • Contract support

    • Equipment logistics & scheduling 

    • Life cycle cost optimization

    • Value Engineering

    • Capital Design Alternatives

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