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Our clients need reliable and flexible control system infrastructures to leverage emerging technologies that optimize production and reduce manufacturing costs. 

instrumentation and electrical controls

Our i-SCADA (Instrumentation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) teams specialize in high-visibility future proof process, safety, and facility control solutions. 


Comprehensive planning, extensive experience, and manufacturing-driven design ensure systems are delivered which are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to maintain. 

Smart Manufacturing Digital Transformations

From cognitive computing to big data analytics new technologies are creating opportunities to reduce manufacturing cost, improve quality and produce highly customized products on a mass scale. 


Whether it's predictive maintenance, edge computing for process equipment monitoring or just  IIoT data collection - our smart production control experts helps clients implement industry 4.0 initiatives to improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.  

I&C Infrastructure Planning

Comprehensive control system planning is critical to avoiding future I&C costs driven by vendor lock-in, system obsolescence, maintenance resource scarcity, and capacity limitation. 


As a critical component for cost-efficient growth and strategic change, we help clients develop control system plans which optimize the use of existing infrastructure while “road mapping” the most efficient expansion of control and data acquisition platforms.

I&C System Design Solutions

From small budget start-ups to fortune 100 multinational firms, our unique combination of experience and vendor independence ensures our clients receive the optimal solution for process, facility, and safety systems - setting up every project for success.


As a true partner, we are committed to understanding your manufacturing goals, challenges, and operations to design I&C systems which are cost-efficient, reliable, and flexible for the integration of emerging technologies. 


Whether it's the development of a process control strategy, migration from a legacy system, or greenfield plant control systems design we help clients deliver solutions with measurable results and clear ROI for their organizations.


Process Controls


The heart of a safe, efficient, and regulatory compliant manufacturing operation is the process control system - so we help clients optimize existing installations and design new systems to improve quality, ensure data Integrity, and decrease production times leading to higher ROI. 


We maximize the ROI on process control investments through robust planning and state-of-the-art control system design which incorporates the flexibility needed to capitalize on emerging technologies that improve data acquisition, OEE, quality, and throughput - increasing business efficiency. 


Whether you need to increase throughput, eliminate waste or reduce headcount with automation - our process control experts deliver solutions that minimize outage durations, while meeting system requirements and business objectives.


Building Automation Systems


Our I&C specialists bring plant operations experience - so we provide vendor-independent solutions for the management of pharmaceutical, foundry,  industrial, and mission-critical facilities.


Using a vendor-independent approach we deliver high-performance building automation solutions that are reliable, easy to maintain, and reduce energy consumption -  enhancing the value of clients' assets. 


Our building automation solutions also provide the flexibility needed to capitalize on emerging technologies to eliminate future costs and increase long-term business success.


Safety Instrumented System (SIS)


Our I&C specialists bring plant operations experience - so we understand the unique risks pharmaceutical, foundry, and industrial manufacturing environments pose. 


Whether it's toxic gas monitoring for Silane (SiH4) or isolation control for highly potent cytotoxic compounds - we provide “failsafe” control solutions for the full Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) –  independent of your basic process control system to ensure SIS functionality is not compromised.


From Process Safety Management (PSM) program support to Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and safety instrument specification - we help clients meet the highest safety and regulatory compliance standards. 

Control Optimization = Cost Advantage  

We understand that energy consumption and batch changeover times have a direct impact on production unit cost for manufacturing plants - so we help maximize efficiency to reduce cost, boost profits and improve competitiveness in the global marketplace.  


From initial control strategy to control system design - our I&C engineers specialize in the identification and implementation of opportunities to reduce operational cost for both planned and legacy operations through control system optimization. 


Whether you’re a pharmaceutical CDMO who needs a continuous manufacturing capability or a chemical producer trying to reduce staff levels with automation  - our controls experts can help you drive down production cost.

Condition Monitoring = Cost Savings Reliability 

From Condition Monitoring to Machine Asset Protection - we help clients achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible - all of which is backed up by our industry-leading expertise and truly hands-on support. 


We work seamlessly to help clients implement plant-wide vibration monitoring and predictive analytics solutions which provide real-time data, condition, and alarm protocols needed to prevent unexpected downtime and costly repairs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Control System Planning

  • Predictive Maintenance 

  • Process Controls

  • Building Automation

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • Utility Control Systems

  • Industry 4.0

  • Smart Factory

  • Pharma 4.0

  • DP Monitoring

  • LEL Monitoring

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Machine Asset Protection

  • Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

  • Enviormental Management

  • Energy Management

  • Rockwell

  • Emerson DeltaV

  • HIMA

  • Invensys

  • Honeywell

  • Siemens

I&C Services Include:

  • Control System Topology + Network Design 

  • Instrument Application Selection + Specification

  • Wiring + Loop Drawings

  • Control Valve Sizing + Selections

  • URS/FS/SDS Development

  • Control Panel Design

  • Enviormental Monitoring Design

  • Loop Tuning + Optimization

  • Conduit + Cable Schedules

  • Pneumatic Systems + Devices

  • Scope Definition/Design Basis Criteria

  • Automation Assessment + Evaluation

  • S88.01 Development + Implementation

  • Saftey Instrumented Systems

  • ISA 84.01 + IEC 61511

  • DCS Design + Integration

  • SCADA/PLC Programming

  • Implementation Fieldbus + Industrial Networks

  • Building Automation Systems

  • Batch Systems 

  • Process Control Systems

  • Construction/Installation Drawings + Specifications

  • Operator Interface Systems/Design

  • Hazardous Area and I.S. Design

  • Process Safety Management - OSHA 1910

  • HAZOP Reviews

  • Alternate Option Studies

  • Layer of Protection Analysis

  • Redundant Utility Designs

    • N+1 & 2 (N+1)​

    • 2N & 3N/2

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