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Traditional healthcare facility design often begins with an aesthetically pleasing shell followed by an engineering effort to squeeze in equipment and utilities. Our approach is different, we begin from the inside out.

HIPP’s process-driven approach to engineering solutions means hospital projects go beyond aesthetics to ensure healthcare processes are supported from personnel and material movement to HVAC for infection control. This lean and agile approach maximizes client value by delivering projects which provide robust systems along with the facility flexibility to meet ever-changing healthcare needs.

Our lean project delivery methodology begins with establishing evolves as follows:

Unit Operations > Process Flows > Personnel Flows > Material Flows > Waste Flows > Process Equipment > Process Utility Equipment > Facility Utility Equipment > Functional Space Programming > Conceptual Floor Plans

operating room at hospital


By partnering with healthcare administrators, physicians, regulators, and facility operations we create patient treatment centric environments that are operationally efficient and flexible as well as therapeutic. Our unique approach and relationship focus makes HIPP an excellent fit for projects requiring clean environments, mission-critical utilities, reliable building systems, USP/FDA compliant compounding, and hygienic process technology.

Our experience in engineering systems for healthcare and aseptic manufacturing clients enables us to deliver flexible facilities that meet demanding performance requirements. In addition to a full complement of mechanical, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, plumbing and controls engineering services, we offer utility infrastructure master planning, system condition, and capacity analyses, energy audits and, fire, utility systems modeling and optimization, medical gas and hygienic system design, reliability analysis, and central plant design.

By providing a comprehensive range of services, from preliminary planning and concept design to energy audits and post-construction services, we recognize the value and impact of effective design on healthcare costs and patient outcomes.

Whether your need is a hygienic utility expansion, laboratory retrofit, energy cost reduction or new central utilities plant clients select HIPP because of our deep industry knowledge, professionalism, and team approach.

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