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We’re meticulous when it comes to helping owners translate their engineering plans to construction companies, working diligently to preserve what was put down on paper, ensuring that what was designed is accurately translated to your job site.

Industrial Engineer

Construction Quality

To achieve your goals from planning to a fully efficient operational building, HIPP offers construction quality management support.  Construction Management performed by RMF can be the difference between a proactive project that runs smoothly and a reactive project that leads to change orders, deficiencies and delays. We’re in the field every day representing the interests of the owners — confirming that construction continues to align with the design and specifications accurately.

Direct Access to the Problem Solvers

You’ll see how we combine personal relationships with technical expertise to ease the minds of project owners, while also reducing their project management load. We communicate with daily and weekly reports, and our staff are just a phone call away to provide quick answers that keep projects moving forward.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

 Our world-class assessment technology services provide sophisticated analysis of systems with thousands of components. Our experts know and abide by the highest of safety standards, understand how to manage risk, and have the technical resources and capabilities to perform Arc Flash Analysis on large multi-building facilities.

Facility Due Diligence

 From evaluating efficiency and expectancy to sustainability we are able to accurately assess your equipment and provide you with empirical data to help you make smart investments and business decisions. 

Construction Management

Using HIPP’s Construction Management Team could be the difference between an efficient smooth construction process or one marked by change orders, delays, and deficiencies.

Workforce Solutions

HIPP Workforce Solutions, Inc. was established to expand HIPP’s services to ensure that our clients reach production goals while facilitating alignment between strategic corporate and plant initiatives with changing business demands. As an industry leader, HIPP Workforce Solutions provides fast and flexible talent solutions specializing in the placement of pre-approved onsite and virtual technical resources. 


How We Do It

  • Daily presence in the field

  • Inspect work in progress

  • Coordinate construction activities

  • Change negotiations

  • Independent testing and inspections

  • Submittal & RFI reviews

  • Scheduling and milestone checks

  • Witness testing

  • Review test results

  • Participate in the three phases of quality control

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