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consumer products on manufacturing line


When it comes to producing anything from cosmetic creams to toothpaste and baby wipes, the pressures to meet tight budgets, GMP compliance, and reduce operating costs require the right engineering partner. By aligning our lean project approach with your goals, our consumer products team brings reliable and budget-conscious solutions with the responsive service of a true partner. 

Whether you’re expanding warehouse capacity, adding process lines, high-speed packaging lines, or need a new Greenfield facility our team of experts are here to help. From legacy facility debottlenecking to technology transfer, our team understands the importance of speed and flexibility concerning meeting client objects. In high volume industries influenced by both retailers and consumers, it’s more important than ever to deliver solutions that help clients remain adaptable to future consumer trends while maintaining all aspects of quality and safety.


Our expertise includes building flexibility into production lines for inexpensive and rapid changes to products, formulation, or packaging.  We offer consumer product clients a team that is knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering top of the line flexibility, cost control, and time-to-market results regardless of the size or complexity of your project. Our innovative solutions consistently meet and exceed our client’s most demanding objectives.

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