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Construction projects need to maximize value through cost efficient execution, build quality and delivery speed. 

That’s why we help clients break free from the status quo, making project delivery your value powerhouse by moving to an integrated operating model. 

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Design and construction has become a “One Size Fits All” proposition - the resulting solutions don’t work for anyone. 


Recognizing that each market, client and project is unique - our solutions are tailored to each client's business drivers and the challenges they present.


Manufacturers need flexible solutions to be responsive to changing market demands and shareholder expectations.

In addition, because our manufacturing clients need projects delivered faster and more cost effectively - we use tailored Integrated Project Delivery Teams.

Each project is assigned a team of specialists with the expertise, experience, and resource availability to deliver the most complex projects on time and budget. 

Our IPD methodology integrates multi-disciplinary teams around shared project goals and early stakeholder input.  This approach enables our teams to seamless execution while providing innovative solutions from the earliest planning stage through to successful completion.

As a result we:

  1. Use early VE input to reduce cost

  2. Improve quality by eliminating information silos

  3. Accelerate schedule through parallel processes. 

  4. Provide great cost control with fiscal transparency

  5. Leverage early CQV input for faster FDA licensure

  6. Ensure constructability through continuous CM feedback



Our construction support program integrates local labor market pricing, construction competence, and operational knowledge into each phase of a project to drive more value throughout the project lifecycle. 

When implemented from project start this expertise enhances total project performance. 

Pre-construction planning and execution support the efficient use of multi-disciplinary teams led by construction managers who have both regional and industry experience to guarantee estimate accuracy, constructability and operability. 

Pre-Construction Planning Services:

  • Site Selection

  • Life Cycle Costing

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Cost control system development

  • Long-lead delivery identification

  • Modularization Planning

  • Bid list preparation

  • Project Management

  • Budget Development

  • Scheduling

  • Capital Request Support

Using cutting edge virtual reality technology, we provide clients with a unique opportunity to sell projects to executive leadership, get stakeholder buy-in and optimize plant operability using interactive, 3D modeling tools.  This service provides clients with a real-time, walk-through simulation that facilitates the ability to jointly review and address potential issues of constructability, operability and maintenance at the early stages of the project.

Pre-Construction Services:

  • Estimating

  • Cost & Change Control

  • Value Engineering

  • Operability Reviews

  • Safety by Design Reviews

  • Design Management

  • Modular Design

  • Constructability Reviews

  • CQV Documentation

  • Procurement Support

  • Long-Lead Expediting



  • Contractor submittals reviews

  • RFI reviews

  • Record drawings 

  • Equipment Scheduling & Expediting

  • Factory & Site Acceptance Testing

  • Field Engineering Support

  • Work Completion/Punch List

  • Operations Manuals

  • Parts Lists and Data Sheets

  • Quality & Progress Inspections

  • On Site Drawing Verification

  • Systems Parts & Manual Assembly

  • System Start-Up and Start-Up Reports

  • Static/Dynamic Testing

  • Calibration Assistance

  • Turnover Packages

  • CQV Support

Our construction administration services deliver more than project success - they deliver peace of mind.

Specialist Capabilities

  • ​Integrated Project Delivery

  • Design-Assist

  • Design-Build

  • IPD for FDA licensed Facilities

  • Design for Phased Construction

  • BIM

  • Our Construction Support services include:

    • Health and safety

    • Design team interface, including constructability and safety reviews

    • Construction execution strategies

    • Contracts strategy - procurement and management

    • Modularisation strategies

    • Project controls

    • Scheduling

    • Environmental planning and control

    • Risk management

    • LEAN Construction

    • Startup

    • Project Turnover

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